Yoda, R2D2, C3PO-

Does Your Child Love Them All?

If your child loves Star Wars, they will love these Kidcreate summer art camps! These are the coolest art camps in the galaxy!


Barnyard Buddies (3-6 years)
Moo! Meow! Woof! All your child’s favorite farm friends will come to life! We’ll create puppies, horses, cows and more using several simple artistic techniques. This class is so much fun, it’s like having your very own petting zoo!

Beyond Pokémon (5-12 years)
Is your child crazy about Pokémon? Take their love of Pokémon to a whole new level with Pokémon themed art projects that are sure to get their creative juices flowing! The kids will work with a variety of art materials as they make their own trading cards, Pokémon balls, a Pokémon-inspired creature, and a map of its habitat!

Big and Messy (3-6 years)
Let your little artist explore the messier side of art in a big way! Your child will enjoy many sensory experiences as they create enormous works of art. They will paint, sculpt, scribble, and giggle their way to discovering a grander scale of art. These projects are way too big or way too messy to tackle at home!

Clay Cartoon Characters (5-12 years)
Your child’s favorite cartoon characters will come to life as we get messy with many different types of clay in this fun camp. Scooby, Alvin the Chipmunk and a Minion are just a few of the incredible creations your child will construct as they learn basic terms and techniques for working with clay.

LEGO Dino World (4-9 years)
Blast yourself back to the Jurassic period where dinosaurs roamed and ruled the land! Use your LEGO® brick building skills to create the most fearsome dinos you can imagine. We’ll create with paint, play with clay, construct costumes and more as we learn about these ancient and monstrous creatures. If it crawled or swam, ran or jumped, we’ll make it come back to life in this LEGO-themed art camp!

LEGO Star Wars (5-12 years)
LEGO® bricks and Star Wars®- what an amazing combination! We’ll work as a team to paint a huge mural complete with stars, planets and far, far away galaxies. We’ll build starfighters out of LEGO bricks, stage an intergalactic battle and make a Darth Vader bobblehead. We’ll even make our own lightsaber. We’ll work with LEGO bricks, paint, clay and other art supplies to create these masterpieces that your young Jedi will love!

Pirates and Mermaids (4-9 years)
Ahoy mateys and magical mermaids! Let’s go on an underwater art adventure. Your child will learn different art terms and techniques as we make pirate ships out of clay, dress up like pirates and mermaids (or mermen), blow oceans of bubbles for our merpeople to frolic in and so much more. Of course, the young pirates will want to talk the talk so, we will practice our “Shiver me timbers” and “Me hearties,” during this fun-filled camp too.

Scooby Dooby Doo (5-12 years)
Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? We’ve got some art to do now! Come and create with Scooby and all his mystery-solving pals! In this groovy camp, we’ll make everything Scooby loves like Scooby snacks, a sandwich piled high with all of his favorite ingredients, a spooky haunted house, and the Mystery Machine! We’ll get messy with clay, paint and more as we help Scooby catch that villain!

Simply Silly Stuff (5-12 years)
Get ready to go bananas with all the silly stuff you’ll create in this camp! You’re going to make some of the craziest art you could imagine. A messy monster made of mush. A cute 3D goldfish to bring home and keep you company in your room. And, have you ever made your very own pop-up art? Well, now you can! This combination of wacky projects will teach you all sorts of simply silly stuff you never thought artistically possible!

The Messiest Art Camp Ever! (5-12 years)
Does your young artist love to get messy? So do we! We’ll paint with plaster, sculpt with gooey gunk, make papier mache dragonflies and fling paint like Jackson Pollock. We will even learn some art terms along the way. These are not projects to tackle at home. Leave the mess with us. Making a mess is the best at Kidcreate!

Willy Wonka’s Candy Crafts (5-12 years)
Oompa Loompa doopadee doo…we’ve got another awesome art camp for you! Come create a scene made out of candy, mosaics, imaginary candy and more art that is positively scrumdiddlyumptious! For many of our projects, we’ll use real candy such as frosting, gummy bears, gum drops and marshmallows as our art materials! So put on your Wonkavision glasses and come create masterpieces Willy Wonka would be proud of!



The camps offered at our studio’s vary.
We apologize if a camp you are interested in isn’t available at the studio nearest you!