Sparkles and Glitter- Oh My!

If your child loves sparkles and glitter, they will love these Kidcreate summer art camps!

Beyond Pinch Pots (5-12 years) Every kid loves making pinch pots! But let’s go beyond that and learn super cool techniques to transform pinch pots into puppy pals, silly rabbits, playful penguins and much more. Not only will the kids learn the basics of working with clay but they will create amazing clay creations that are way cooler than a plain old ordinary pinch pot! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but this camp is our best-kept secret! Register early before it fills up! 

Candy Shop (4-9 years) Come and create the most delicious art projects of all time! We will learn step-by-step drawing and sculpting techniques as we create jumbo sized goodies. This sounds like a dream come true for any kid! But don’t worry mom, your young artist will be creating, not eating these masterpieces! We’ll make some of your child’s favorite candies out of paint, clay and a variety of other art materials.

Choc-a-licious (5-12 years) Chocolate lovers rejoice! In this camp, we’ll celebrate chocolate’s sweet, gooey goodness as we sculpt, paint, and create the day away. We’ll even make a replica of one of our favorite chocolatey treats that will look yummy enough to eat!

Glow-in-the-Dark Art (4-9 years) These projects will ROCK your child’s world long after the lights go out at night. You guessed it, all the project we create in this camp will glow-in-the-dark! How cool is that?!?!?! We will be working with a variety of different art supplies including clay, paint and other luminescent materials to create masterpieces your child will be ready to show off in the dark! 

I Heart Sparkles (4-9 years) Come to this camp and get your sparkle on! The kids will go crazy as they create multiple projects that shimmer and glimmer with sparkles and glitter! Throughout the camp, the kids will learn basic art techniques and work with many different art supplies including (of course) lots and lots of glitter! 

Magical, Mystical Unicorns (5-12 years) Unicorn fans, you’re in luck, because we have the perfect camp for you! We’ll make unicorns that dazzle, sparkle, and shine as we explore a wide array of materials and techniques. We’ll draw, sculpt, and even learn the secret recipe for making fabulous, glittery Unicorn Slime!

My Favorite Art Camp (3-6 years) This is the camp your little artist has been waiting for!!! Painting, drawing, and clay- it’s all so much fun! Your artist will have a blast while exploring many techniques, styles, and materials. We’ll make silly clay owls and an adorable hand-print flower garden; we’ll even make a dinosaur that really glows-in-the-dark! There’s no doubt that this WILL be your artist’s FAVORITE art camp of all time, so be sure to sign up early before the camp fills up! 

Our Littlest Fan’s Favorites (3-6 years) Back by popular demand! This camp is packed full of fan favorites! From papier mache bowls, projects that glow-in-the-dark, and messy clay masterpieces, these are the Kidcreate projects our students love the most! All of them put together in one very popular camp. This is the stuff the kids can’t get enough of and guaranteed to be an artsy good time! 

Pajama Party (4-9 years) Roll out of bed and come to camp in your jammies! Why? Because every kid is just a little bit more creative while wearing their slippers! These art projects are anything but ordinary. We’ll create turtles, trees, masks and more magnificent masterpieces that are designed to educate and inspire your child as they learn about the wonders of art. We will sculpt, collage, print, paint and (of course) create a huge mess as we explore basic art concepts- all while in our P.J.’s.

Sing with Me (3-6 years) Your child’s love of music and art combine as we create art inspired by our favorite childhood songs! We’ll sculpt our way through the ABC’s, paint along to the song “Baby Shark,” and even collage that “Little Green Frog” on a real canvas board. Your little artist will be proud to show off these adorable (and musical!) masterpieces. 

Willy Wonka’s Candy Crafts (5-12 years) Back by popular demand! Oompa Loompa doopadee doo… we’ve got another awesome art camp for you! Come create a scene made out of candy, mosaics, imaginary candy and more art that is positively scrumdiddlyumptious! For many of our projects, we’ll use real candy such as frosting, gummy bears, gum drops and marshmallows as our art materials! So put  on your Wonkavision glasses and come create masterpieces Willy Wonka would be proud of!



The camps offered at our studio’s vary.
We apologize if a camp you are interested in isn’t available at the studio nearest you!