Is Your Child an Art Lover? A Young Picasso or Monet?

Your young art master will LOVE these Kidcreate summer camps!


A Day of Drawing (5-12 years)
Hey kids, how would you like to spend not just one day, but four days drawing? Join us for a camp full of drawing, painting and cartooning fun!  At this camp, we will master a simple step-by-step drawing method as we create drawings that glow-in-the-dark, artwork that pops right out at you, a painting on a real canvas board, and so much more.

A Day with Monet (5-12 years)
See the world through the eyes of Claude Monet. Beautiful bridges, water lilies, and birch trees are just a few of the things that will inspire your young artist during this 2- day camp. We’ll learn about Claude Monet and the style of art he helped make famous as we create reproductions of Monet’s masterpieces.

Big and Messy (3-6 years)
Let your little artist explore the messier side of art in a big way! Your child will enjoy many sensory experiences as they create enormous works of art. They will paint, sculpt, scribble, and giggle their way to discovering a grander scale of art. These projects are way too big or way too messy to tackleat home!

Clay Cartoon Characters (5-12 years)
Your child’s favorite cartoon characters will come to life as we get messy with many different types of clay in this fun camp. Scooby, Alvin the Chipmunk and a Minion are just a few of the incredible creations your child will construct as they learn basic terms and techniques for working with clay.

Mad About the Masters (5-12 years)
Go mad for the masters in this fun-filled and educational camp! We will recreate famous works of art like Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Degas’ ballerinas and many others all while using a variety of different art materials and techniques. We’ll even make a snow globe inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night! These magnificent works of art are sure to inspire your young artist!

Our Littlest Fan’s Favorites (3-6 years)
This camp is packed full of fan favorites! From papier mache bowls, projects that glow-in-the-dark, and messy clay masterpieces, these are the Kidcreate projects our students love the most! This is the stuff the kids can’t get enough of, all packed into one very popular camp that is guaranteed to be an artsy good time!

The Great Create (5-12 years)
Funny monkeys, Gnome homes, happy hedgehogs, and ice cream sundaes with “chocolate syrup”– these art projects are designed to inspire creativity! We’ll paint, sculpt, and make collages too as your young artist discovers a variety of interesting ways to CREATE GREAT art. This art camp will leave your child bubbling over with creativity! It’s GREAT to CREATE!

The How To’s of Drawing (5-12 years)
Does your young artist love to draw? This introductory drawing camp teaches kids the basic techniques and principles of drawing. We’ll encourage creativity and imagination while experimenting with a variety of drawing materials and techniques. The kids will even receive their own sketchbook that they will get to keep and draw in throughout the camp! In Kidcreate’s fun and supportive environment, your young artist will be eager to get drawing!



The camps offered at our studio’s vary.
We apologize if a camp you are interested in isn’t available at the studio nearest you!