Take Messy Time home with this studio favorite!

Shaving Cream Sundaes are a great messy time for those days that the kids are home from school or even when the weather may not be so great. This is perfect for play time and easy to clean up. Your child will get to feel a little silly as you add their “ice cream” and “toppings” to their hands, while they also get the chance to make a mess and what child doesn’t love a mess?!


What You Need:

  • Shaving Cream
  • Paint
  • Glitter


  1. Cover your work surface with newspaper. 
  1. Have your child hold their hands together in the shape of a bowl to hold the foam sundae. 
  1. Next, spray a heaping pile of shaving cream into their hands. Make sure to not mix together until all the “toppings” are added to their sundae!
  1.  Now we add the toppings. Squirt the paint on top of the foam first to act as their “sundae topping”.
  1.  Next, sprinkle some glitter on top for the “sprinkles”.  
  1. Time to get messy!! Squish your hands together and play with it on the table. Don’t worry, it’s all easily cleaned up and your child will have a messy good time!
  1. Encourage your child to make different designs with their fingers in the shaving cream once they spread it on the table. It’s easy to “erase” their designs and make a whole new masterpiece. Your child will have endless entertainment with this messy time!
  1. Don’t forget to clean up when you’re finished!


Making a Mess Is the Best!


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