Pumpkin Seed Art

Here’s a fun art project for all those little goblins and ghouls out there!

What you will need:
-Pumpkin Seeds
-A bucket to wash the seeds in
-Towels to dry seeds
-3 small bowls (paper bowls or paper cups work well)
-3 spoons
-White school glue
-Liquid water color or tempera paint in red, yellow and blue
-Cardboard or tag board

1)       After the seeds have been removed from the pumpkin, wash them in a bucket of water and then spread them out on a towel to dry.  Allow a couple days for the seeds to dry!

2)       Once the seeds are dry, you are ready to start the next part of the project.  Pour glue into 3 small bowls.  Add paint to bowls, creating one red, one yellow and one blue.

3)       Cover a table with newspaper and place the cardboard piece on top of the paper.

4)       Drizzle colored glue on to the cardboard with the spoons. The glue can be swirled with the spoons or fingers.  This is a great way to experiment with color mixing (red + yellow= orange, red + blue= purple, yellow + blue= green).  The pumpkin seeds can be added at anytime.  Add them at the beginning to swirl them into the colored glue or add them at the end to top the glue masterpiece. Older children may enjoy creating patterns or a picture in the glue with the seeds.

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