Ties, golf balls, and “Dad” coffee mugs are all cool Father’s Day Gifts. However, dads love gifts that their kids make.  Yes, the lopsided mug made in art class at school and the popsicle stick picture frame without doubt will bring a smile on dad’s face.  Building on the DIY concept, for this Father’s Day we found some great ideas for unique DIY  gifts for dad that feature creative, yet easy photography.

1) We Heart Daddy Shadow Picture.  Make a sign or series of signs with cutouts of the words “We (or I) heart (using the heart symbol) Daddy!”  Take a picture of the children holding the signs.  To make this photo a bit different, instead of taking a photo of the actual kids, take a photo of the shadows of the kids holding the sign.  Dad will think this is super cool!  Once you take your photo, use it to make beautiful print.  Print it on 8″ x 10″ or 11″ x 14″ paper and frame it.  Or, use a photo lab to have the photo printed on canvas.

Learn how-to here: discountqueens.com

2) Foot Love.  There is something compelling about the little feet and cute little toes of kids.  Why not write “We love you, Dad” on the bottoms of your kids feet and take a photo?

Learn how-to here: frecklephoto.com

3) “I Love Daddy Because…”  I bet your kids can make a long list of reasons they love their dad.  Pick 4 of these reasons and make signs.  Take pictures of your kids holding one sign at a time.  Combine the 4 photos into one print with the caption:  “I Love Daddy Because…”

Learn how-to here: enframephotoblog.com

4) Daddy and Me Photo Book.  Compile several photos and use a photo lab to make a photo book.  Compile random photos or select a theme such as Father’s Day photos throughout the years, sports-themed photos, or photos of your child and dad with funny expressions.

5) Photo of Generations.    This unique idea involves a picture of granddad holding a picture of dad, holding a picture of your kid.  The result is powerful.

.Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Your kids will love helping to make any of these gifts, and Dad will think it is awesome!




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