All kids love birthdays. It is a day that is all about them. Sure the birthday party is great– friends, games, presents, and cake. But there is something even more special about little personal birthday acknowledgements throughout the birthday kid’s day. Here are some ideas.



Good Morning, Sunshine!

Start off the day with little surprises. Even the grumpiest morning kid will be in a good mood when greeted by these morning birthday surprises.

1. Bathroom Birthday Greeting Use lipstick or dry erase markers to write a birthday message on your kid’s bathroom mirror.

2. Birthday Threads Particularly for the little ones, have a special “birthday girl” or “birthday boy” shirt for them to wear. For older kids, have a special accessory ready for them to wear or use throughout the day.

3. Birthday Throne Decorate your birthday boy or girl’s chair at the breakfast table with streamers and balloons. Here’s a super cute example from 

4. Birthday Breakfast Present the birthday kid with his or her favorite breakfast food along with a candle, sprinkles, or other festive food decorations. For example, stick a candle in a stack of pancakes, waffles, or in a muffin. Find the recipe for these super cute sprinkle filled waffles at 

Midday Surprises

Whether your child’s birthday falls on a school day, during the weekend, or during the summer, there are little things that you can do throughout the day to whisper “happy birthday” in his or her ear.


5. Lunch Box Surprise Put a fun little note with a special message in your child’s lunch box, backpack, or pocket. But do not simply say, “happy birthday.” Be creative and let your kiddo know how special he or she is, or tease your child about what to expect when he or she gets home. Wrap each part of your child’s lunch in birthday gift wrap for another fun lunchbox surprise. Thank you for this cute idea!


6. Surprise lunch Surprise your child with a lunch date. Even if it is a school day, pick him or her up from school during lunch and have a quick, special birthday lunch.  

7. Little Gifts Instead of (or in addition to) one big gift, give your child several smaller gifts throughout the day. Surprise your child with a gift at breakfast, another one in the middle of the day or upon arriving home after school, and yet another at dinner.


Winding Down

The birthday celebration should reach a crescendo at dinner. However, do not stop there. Keep the personal celebration going until the lights go out.

8. Birthday Feast Cook your kid’s favorite food for dinner. Yes, even if it is hot dogs, pizza, or pancakes.  Of course, the dessert must be cake and ice cream!

9. Birthday Bath Fill the bathtub with balloons. Use soap crayons to write birthday messages on the tiled wall. Thank you to for this cute idea!

10. Birthday Bedtime Story As the special day winds down, tuck your little one in bed and read a birthday-themed book.


Now these are ways to really celebrate a birthday!  It does not matter if it is your kid’s first birthday or 21st birthday. Making the day extra special will make for a memorable birthday.


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