There are a number of proven benefits for art exposure in early childhood, including mentally, socially and emotionally, yet art classes are typically the first to be cut when schools reevaluate their budgets. What’s more, more than 80 percent of schools across the country experienced budget cuts since 2008.

Because an increasing number of parents are recognizing the importance of art exposure at a time when more schools are cutting their classes, they are turning to supplemental programs to enrich their children’s development.

Kidcreate Studio has been meeting this growing need since 2007 for children 18 months through 12 years old with classes consisting of art creation—while learning about art history, concepts and techniques. With over 1,000 lesson plans and more in the pipeline, the Kidcreate curriculum is tailored to match the specific development needs of children in every age group.

With annual store revenue for franchise owners averaging $411,000, with double-digit growth year over year for the last four years, Kidcreate is a great business model for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter a growing field poised for continued success.

In fact, Kidcreate is strategically structured to create four distinct revenue streams, giving franchise owners unlimited potential for success from every angle:

1) Studio Classes

Mom's Group Art ClassKidcreate Studio’s heart and soul is the kid’s art studios and the foundation on which all other revenue streams are built. Studio classes embody the “art education made fun!” mantra, and provide parents with a number of options for their children, such as weekly classes, holiday themed classes, classes on camps for ‘no-school days,’ summer camps and even homeschool classes for private art classes. A brick and mortar location, in addition to on-the-go service, helps add visibility and brand recognition to the business. Oftentimes, new customers will explore Kidcreate simply from driving by the studio.

2) Art Parties

Kidcreate Birthday BoyRanging from kid’s birthday parties to play groups, scout troops or just regular art parties, Kidcreate Studio offers customized art projects, gift bags and party themes for any occasion. Parents love knowing their children are entertained, inspired and educated, and the kids have fun getting messy and using their imagination. As a franchise owner, the process is simplified with automated birthday party marketing campaigns, easy party confirmation processes, online party waivers to grow studio databases and upsell techniques built into the booking process to make the system not only simple, but lucrative.

3) On-the-Go Classes

on-the-go_studio-2Wherever kids are, Kidcreate Studio classes can be taught. It is simple to turn any community venue into a kid’s art studio complete with high-quality art instruction. Kidcreate fulfills the growing need for art as an added supplement to existing programs. Franchise owners can quickly become valuable partners for a number of local organizations, such as:

  • Parks and recreation programs
  • Community education centers
  • Charters and private schools
  • Daycares and preschools
  • Libraries
  • Churches

Through mobile services, franchise owners can book significantly more classes and cross-market to both studio customers and on-the-go customers.

4) Retail Sales

retail itemsOnce parents and kids are in the door, retail sales are a great supplement to the art classes and programs offered. From craft kits to art books and supplies, to gift items and Kidcreate apparel, the retail assortment taps into parents’ and kids’ impulse to buy with education-based items that appeal to mom and child alike. Franchise owners are provided with approved vendor lists, order forms and a point-of-sales system for transactions and inventory – fully integrated with the studio database and financial software – to make retail sales an effortless addition.


Click here to learn more about available franchise opportunities with Kidcreate Studio.

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Kidcreate Studio is an art studio just for kids that offers children’s art classes,
camps and art-themed birthday parties for children ages 18 months through 12 years.
Making a mess is the best at Kidcreate!

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Open a Kidcreate Studio and use the power of art to positively influence the lives of children.

Click here to learn more about franchise opportunities with Kidcreate Studio.


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