Great Art Themed Gifts for Kids Ages 3-99!

Whether you’re getting ready for the holidays, a birthday, or just a regular day, it’s always a good idea to have gifts in mind for the artsy kids in your life. There are so many options out there to inspire your creative little one, it can be hard to choose! Lucky for you, the search is over! We found some great gifts that are sure to be a hit with your little artist. Some of these are so good, you might even want it just for you!

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Coloring Books
Coloring books are a classic artsy gift! My First Big Book of Coloring is great for a child that is just getting the hang of coloring. If your child is a bit older and likes more of a challenge, In the Forest is perfect for them! Either way, make some room to display these masterpieces!!

Recycled Star Crayons
Your child will love this stellar gift! These crayons are made from recycled crayon bits. Each set is unique just like your little one!

Create Your Own Superhero Cape
Do you have a superhero fan at home? Look no further for the perfect gift! Your child’s creativity will soar as they create their own superhero cape! The finished cape’s colors won’t fade, and don’t worry it’s also machine washable!!

Famous Art Socks
Creativity doesn’t stop once they’ve put the paint brush down. Give a pair of these famous art socks by Mod Sock to your little artist!

Create This Book by Moriah Elizabeth
Create This Book includes prompts that will have your child endlessly creating and probably asking for another!!

Yarn Unicorn
Calling all unicorn fans!!! Combine your child’s love of art and unicorns with this Yarn Unicorn kit. All you need is included in this kit to make two adorable unicorns!

Mermaid Blanket
Tie-blanket but make it magical fashion!!! This twist on the classic tie blanket is great for any artsy child and who doesn’t love mermaids?!

Origami Bookmark
Sneakily encourage reading with these origami book marks! Who wouldn’t want to read a book if you get to see these cute little guys every time?!

How to Draw Booklet
Magical creatures and the inspiration for this How to Draw book. Your art prodigy will get the chance to learn how to draw all favorites including, unicorns and mermaids!!

Inspiration Art Case by Crayola
Set your little artist up for success with this Inspiration Art Case by Crayola. You will get a huge bang for your buck because this pack includes markers, crayons and colored pencils!!

Create Your Own Wool Puppets
Let arts and crafts flow into play time with these wool finger puppets! You and your child can create these cute finger puppets and then have the added fun of performing a little finger puppet theater afterwards.

Standing Easel
A standing easel is a great gift for all ages! For your youngest, it can encourage fine motor skills and they learn to write and draw. As time passes, they can use it to make creations on the chalk board, white board and are even able to clip any other creation to the easel. This easel by Melissa and Doug is especially great because the legs adjust, so as your child grows so can the easel.

Unicorn Chalk
Make outdoor time a little more special with this unicorn chalk!

Custom Apron
Your little art prodigy will LOVE this custom apron!! There are tons of colors to choose from for the apron and embroidery.

Craft Kit
Creativity will fly as your child create anything and everything with this crazy craft kit!!!

Water Coloring Book
If you have a little painter at home, check out this water coloring book. With the paint already on the page, all you need is water and the brush. Your child will be able to paint till their hearts content while leaving no mess for you!

Create Your Own Video Game
Your child can create their very own video game with this awesome gift!! Yes, you read that right! Your child will burst with creativity as they use the color-coded markers to draw out their video game. Then you simply snap a picture of the drawing using the app, and Ta-Da their creation comes to life!

Little Miss Fashion Plates
Mealtime just got a little more exciting with these Little Miss Fashion Plates! Make mashed potato hair, pea earrings, strawberry lips or whatever your little one can think of. Your child is sure to work up an appetite as they make their creations, you might even too!!

Making unique accessories has never been easier! Your fashionista will be able to create accessories for themselves, their friends and maybe you’ll even get a bracelet!

Craft Subscription Box
Don’t let the arts and crafts ever end!! A craft subscription box, like this We Craft Box, is the gift that keeps on giving, literally. You choose your plan and receive a new box each time with a wonderful craft that inspires your young artist each time.


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