Keith Haring was an American artist know for his graffiti style art. His art was inspired by cartoons and graffiti.  Dr.Seuss and Walt Disney also influenced his artistic style.

Haring’s art shows people in may different posses, doing different things. Look at the art on this page. Can you tell what the people are doing?

Keith wanted everyone to make art, especially children! There is a great Haring website just for kids. It’s filled with Haring’s art, fun games and tons of Haring inspired art projects! Check it out at

Art Project-

What you will need

  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Paper

Look at the people in Haring’s art.  What are they doing?  Dancing?  Sitting?  Playing?  Now it’s your turn to become a Haring model!  Make some funny poses with your body. You can do this standing up or laying down! Think about where your arms and legs are positioned as you pose.  Next, draw stick people on a piece of paper that look like some of the poses you made. Then draw an outline around your stick people and color them in with your crayons. Voila- Haring inspired art!








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