Fall Into Art!

Fall is a great time to add more art to your child’s education!

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Art is sooo much fun and great for the brain too!

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Big and Messy Weekly Art Class (18 months-6 years)
Big and Messy
Let your little artist explore the messier side of art in a big way! Your child will enjoy many sensory experiences as they create enormous works of art. They will paint, sculpt, scribble, and giggle their way to discovering a grander scale of art. These projects are way too big or way too messy to tackle at home!
Dates:  Tuesdays 9/27-11/1, 9:30-10:15 or Wednesdays 9/28-11/2, 9:30-10:15

seussologySeussology Weekly Class (3-6 years)
Do you like green crayons and paint? Would you, could you with my friend Nate? Or maybe just with Kidcreate? Come and focus on the fun, imaginative writings and illustrations of the great Dr. Seuss. Each week we will explore a classic Dr. Seuss tale and create wild, wacky and colorful art inspired by that book. Get ready to use a variety of art materials and techniques to create these wonderful whimsical works.
Dates:  Tuesdays 9/27-11/1, 10:30-11:30

The Messiest Art Class Ever!The Messiest Art Class Ever! – Part III
Homeschool Weekly Class (5-12 years)

Back by popular demand with all new projects that take mess-making to the next level! We’ll paint with plaster, tie-dye, make paper mache birds and fling paint like Jackson Pollock. We will even learn some art terms along the way. These are not projects to tackle at home- leave the mess with us. After all, art can be a marvelously messy good time! 
Dates: Thursdays 9/29-11/3, 1:30-2:30 (no class 10/20)
Signing up siblings? Sign up additional children for 50% off! This is a special discount available just to homeschooled families.

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