5 Reasons Why Art is Important for Early Childhood Development

5 Reasons Why Art is Important for Early Childhood Development

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Art Is So Important for Early Childhood Development.

Studies show students who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and three times more likely to be awarded for school attendance. In fact, countries that consistently score highest in math and the sciences have mandatory art classes in schools.

Unfortunately, arts programs in U.S. schools are often underfunded and in danger of being cut. This is in large part due to most states now providing less support per student in elementary and secondary schools, leading to decreased funds and fewer teachers.

Despite the reduced focus on the arts in schools today, parents are encouraged to provide their children with exposure through supplemental programs outside of the traditional classroom.

In early childhood development, art benefits children in a variety of ways, such as: 


1. Motor Skills

When kids participate in creating arts and crafts, there are many movements involved. From holding a paintbrush to coloring with a crayon, a child’s fine motor skills progress through this hands-on approach to education. Other actions, such as using scissors, help develop the dexterity children need for writing.

2. Language Development

In addition to getting their hands physically dirty creating art, children have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by learning words for colors, shapes and various actions. This helps children use descriptive words to discuss their creation, and will help them express what feelings are elicited from observing different types of art by the time they are in elementary school.

3. Decision-Making

Studies show art education strengthens both critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in young children. The process of creating art gives children choices and urges them to make decisions in the course of creating their art – a crucial skill that translates into other parts of life. For example, exploration through art will encourage children to try new ideas in other areas of life. Not only will this further spark creativity and imagination, but children can also use critical thinking to react to new experiences and problem-solve when necessary.

4. Cultural Awareness

Exposing children to a variety of interpretations on society is a great way to help them understand the nuances of their surroundings and embrace the differences they see around them in the diverse society we live in today.

5. Encourages Neural Connections

Because art employs any or all of the senses, such as sight, sound, taste and smell, the synapses in the brain of a small child fire away as they experience situations that immerse their senses and further encourage their creativity. In fact, a young brain makes billions of new connections with every bit of new knowledge it is exposed to. In young children, artistic activities lead to the formation of well-rounded personalities, good attachment, self-esteem and better mental health.


Art is Smart!



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How Kidcreate Studio Takes the Complexity Out of Business Technology

The rise of technology in small business has helped catapult entrepreneurs into the mainstream market, giving them the ability to compete with bigger brands while helping streamline their operations. In fact, technology assists small-business owners in leveraging capital to improve aspects of the business such as profits, productivity, customer service and the ability to market more efficiently and to a larger audience.

Oftentimes, understanding and implementing various forms of technology can be daunting for business owners, who must first determine the technology best suited for their needs, then learn how to utilize it and weave it into the current business model.

For Kidcreate Studio franchisees, all the legwork has been done. With a seamless integration of multiple technology-based systems in place, from initial training to ongoing support, franchisees are given all the tools necessary to succeed:

Class-Tracking Software

This custom-designed software allows franchisees to record where classes have been offered, track class performance and organize curriculum information. Franchisees can easily remain aware of top-performing classes, capitalizing on the information to maximize profitability and keep a finger on the pulse of the business.


Database Management

Maintaining a database is essential to the growth and success of a business. As a business grows, however, it can become more challenging to keep track of the influx of customers and properly utilize the increasing amounts of available information. Kidcreate Studio provides customized database management software with a variety of web forms to help build and grow a database which also generates sales leads.

In addition, the software serves as an all-in-one sales and marketing program, hosting more than 20 customized marketing campaigns, sending weekly newsletters, automating customer surveys and assisting in employee task allocation.


Online Registration

An overwhelming amount of businesses provide customers with the opportunity to accomplish tasks online, making the ability to register for Kidcreate classes online appreciated by both franchisees and parents. The Kidcreate Studio registration system is fully integrated, automatically transferring customer information where it needs to be. From start to finish, the online registration process includes payment processing, a confirmation email, addition of the student’s name to the class roster and the customer’s data imported into the franchisee’s Kidcreate Studio database.

Online registration is not limited to classes, however. Birthday parties become simple to plan with a simple party confirmation process, online party waivers and upsell techniques built right into the party booking process. Online birthday party registrations also allow for customized art projects and gift bags centered around party themes.


The Kidcreate Studio business model provides franchisees with multiple revenue streams, increasing the need for efficient, integrated technology to keep things on track. With up-to-date systems and corporate support to help each franchisee become successful, Kidcreate Studio has enjoyed a double-digit year over year increase for the last four years and is projected to continue impressive expansion for years to come.

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Kidcreate Studio is an art studio just for kids that offers children’s art classes,
camps and art-themed birthday parties for children ages 18 months through 12 years.
Making a mess is the best at Kidcreate!