When Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt was born in the mid-1800’s, women weren’t encouraged to pursue careers in art. Being an artist was a man’s job. How silly! Luckily, Cassatt knew she was talented and was determined to follow her dream.


Cassatt’s favorite subject to paint was women and children. She loved to paint families doing everyday things together.

Tempera Monoprint Project

Messiest_MonoprintsIn addition to painting, Cassatt was an accomplished print maker. Here is a printmaking project you can do at home.

What you will need-
Tempera paint
Paint brush
Pencil or small stick
Cookie sheet
White paper
Paper towels

1) Paint a picture directly on the cookie sheet. Work fast so the paint does not dry!
2) Scratch lines into your painting with the pencil or small stick.
3) Place a piece of paper on top of the wet paint and pat it gently. Try not to wiggle the paper.
4) Starting in one corner, gently lift the paper off the paint. When it is dry, your monoprint masterpiece is complete!
5) If you would like to make another print, wipe the paint off the cookie sheet with the paper towels and start again.



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