I’m an artsy mom. I adore children’s artwork, especially the masterpieces made by my kids! The problem I have is something I think all artsy moms can relate to.  My kid’s art is taking over my house!!!  It’s everywhere- hanging in the mud room, displayed on the kitchen cabinets, sitting on windowsills, taped to the walls, and decorating my desk. I also have boxes and boxes of masterpieces stored away. I just can’t bear the idea of throwing any of it away!

So what’s a mom to do? We can’t keep every piece of art our children create! I am super excited, because I think I have found the solution! It’s a new app called Artkive! This app is brilliant!! And so  simple to use! With it, you can archive all your kids’ art. Use your smart phone to photograph their art or upload photos from your camera roll. You can record your child’s grade and the date the art was made. You can also print and share your child’s masterpieces right form the app. This fall, they are adding the ability to print scrapbooks right from the app! So Cool!

Check it out at  artkiveapp.com or iTunes. The app is free for a limited time!

Owner of Kidcreate Studio and mom determined to reclaim the front of the refrigerator!