Summer Camp Curriculum

Art is a great addition to your child’s summer schedule. It is tons of fun and great for the brain too!

Kidcreate’s summer camp curriculum, designed by art education professionals, is tailored to match the developmental needs of children at different ages. Camps expose children to a variety of different art materials, as well as, art terms and techniques.

Our curriculum is not just about art education! Children learn so many things from art. Math, science, history, creativity and self-esteem are just a few other things kids learn at Kidcreate art camps.

Camp Curriculum Descriptions By Age . . .

Kidartist Camps: 3-6 years

For the preschool aged child, our Kidartist camps are a fun and enriching art adventure. Camps focus on the most basic art principles and introduce students to a variety of art materials and techniques. Your child’s preschool years are full of developmental milestones and our camps are designed to celebrate their creativity and encourage independence.

Kidcreator Camps: 5-9 years

At our Kidcreator art camps, elementary school aged children continue their exploration of art. The educational aspect of the curriculum begins to receive more emphasis and projects become more involved as the children are exposed to new challenges. Our camps are designed to encourage and develop self-confidence, determination and creativity all while having a fun camp experience.

Kidmaster Camps: 10-12 years

The more serious art student will love the Kidmaster art camps! Advanced themes, techniques and materials are explored as the class projects become much more complex. Kidmaster camps are a perfect fit for children who want to develop their artistic skills and knowledge. These kids are at an age when art exposure is often limited in school. Our Kidmaster camps offer a great opportunity to add some art into your child’s education.

Sibling Camps: 4-9 years

Moms love the convenience of our sibling camps! Our sibling art camps are the perfect fit for families that like to play together! Our sibling camps curriculum is specially designed to accommodate a variety of age and skill levels.

Kidcreate Summer Camps Are Filling Fast!

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