Art is Smart!

Inspire the young artists in your troop at a Kidcreate Studio art class. A Kidcreate art class is a wonderful enrichment activity. Art is tons of fun and great for the brain too!

A Kidcreate class is easy. You supply the kids; we supply the curriculum, teachers, art materials, giggles and grins. We even clean up! Visit one of our studios for your class or let us send one of our teachers to you. Additional time before or after your class can be made available at our studio for your troop meeting at no additional cost.

Class themes include-

•  Painting
•  Drawing
•  Pottery and Clay
•  Games
•  Friendship
•  Holiday Themes- Halloween, Thanksgiving,
Christmas,Valentines Day & Mother’s Day
•  End of Year Parties
•  And More!

Earning Badges is Easy at Kidcreate!

There are many Brownie Petals, Girl Scout Badges and Boy Scout Merit Badges about art and creativity. If you have been putting off doing an artsy petal or badge because of all the supplies needed and the messy clean up, let us help!

 Making a Mess Is the Best at Kidcreate!

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