Kidcreate Studio is creativity, giggles, grins, inspiration, mess-making, discovery, confidence, exploration and fun! Kidcreate Studio is an art studio just for kids!

Once upon a time, there was a kindergartner who was frustrated by spelling, but loved art!
And so it began…

Founder, Lara Olson, started Kidcreate Studio after being discouraged by the limited amount of art exposure her son was receiving at school. His favorite class was art. In art class, he found tremendous joy in the creative process and none of the frustrations he was experiencing in some of his other classes. Lara understood how he felt. She too had gravitated toward art classes as a child. Lara strongly believed in the power of art to teach, inspire and build self-esteem. She also understood that art makes learning fun and a fun learning environment was exactly what her son needed more of!

Lara started a quest for art classes for her son. She searched in vain for an art studio designed just for kids that combined quality art education with a fun kid-friendly environment. Finding nothing that met her requirements, she decided to CREATE it! And KIDCREATE was born!

In the spring of 2008, the first Kidcreate Studio opened its doors in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Soon after opening the studio, Lara launched Kidcreate’s On-The-Go Studio division which creates partnerships within the community that enables Kidcreate Studio to bring the great teachers and curriculum being used at the studio to other organizations such as; community education centers, parks and recreations programs, elementary schools, preschools and daycares. Then, in the spring of 2013, after the continued success of the Eden Prairie studio, and much encouragement from studio customers, Lara opened her second studio in Woodbury, Minnesota.

In 2015, inspired by the success of both studios, Lara made the decision to “paint the states’ with art and offer franchise opportunties with Kidcreate Studio. She saw franchising as a way to continue the Kidcreate mission to pick up where public education has become more limited and bridge the art education gap. To learn more about franchising opportunities with Kidcreate Studio visit:

Kidcreate ButterflyLara welcomes you and your children to visit one of our studios, put on an apron and create.

After all, making a mess is the best at Kidcreate!


-Sara Johnson (Mother of teenagers who attended Kidcreate classes in preschool and elementary school) talks to Kidcreate founder, Lara Olson, about what makes Kidcreate special.